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2901 Blake St #160, Denver, CO 80205

2901 Blake St #160, Denver, CO 80205

11AM - 6PM every day

Nash And Jones

Nash & Jones - Fossil Clay Mask

$ 14.00

Gentle clean for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin/areas.

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells, deep clean/unclog  pores, lift dirt/blackheads, draw/bind impurities and tighten skin.Kaolin Clay is the most mild and gentle clay. It is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, beneficial for irritated skin. Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized remains of algae and is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc with a fine grain for mild exfoliation. Both Clay’s mild disinfectant properties cleanse pores, exfoliate blockages & calm inflammation.

Clays are negatively charged and when activated with liquid, are able to attract and absorb skin’s positively charged impurities like a magnet.

APPLY: Pour out a small amount of powder clay and use the included wooden spoon to mix clay with a small amount of warm water in a non-metal bowl.  [we use non-metal materials so the clay will not fill up with impurity of the metals] Fully mix to a thick soupy texture, without lumps, and apply to face with fingers, back of spoon, or hake brush [avoiding eyes and mouth].  Let dry for up to 5 minutes.  Avoid letting it dry completely, as it will significantly dry out skin. Rinse with warm water and hydrate.

INGREDIENTS: Fossilized remains of diatoms (diatomaceous earth), rock forming mineral white kaolin clay.