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2901 Blake St #160, Denver, CO 80205

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Ghetto Gastro

Ghetto Gastro - Sovereign Syrup Sorghum

$ 24.00

Here’s something sweet to knock you off your feet: Sovereign Syrup. Named and inspired by our ancestors and their reverence for the land. Our unique maple syrup blend is a natural sweetener made from three ingredients, each with their own unique properties and flavor profiles: Organic Dark Maple Syrup, Sorghum Syrup and Apple Cider Syrup.  You can sub out the simple syrup while you’re at it because this is perfect if you sippin’ or you drippin’.  

Harvested with sustainable and organic methods in Upstate NY, our organic dark maple syrup provides Sovereign Syrup with a deep flavor, antioxidants and trace minerals such as zinc, manganese and potassium. 

Originally from Africa, the sorghum grain has long been used as a source of protein either ground into flour ( find it in our Ancestral Roots Waffle & Pancake mix) or pressed into juice and boiled into a thick, rich syrup akin to molasses.

Inspired by freedom seekers who journeyed the Underground Railroad, who boiled down apple cider into syrup as both a source of warmth and caloric energy, we use apple cider syrup to pay homage to the rigors of our roots with this unique and first-to-market product. 

Freedom tastes sweet—can’t wait ‘till we meet.

12.7 oz